Cary NC Dentist Office Patient Information

dental cleanings in cary ncWe are very excited to welcome you to our dental practice. Rest assured, you will be greeted with a smile and taken care of by our excellent staff of dental professionals. We do our best to ensure that your first appointment at our practice is a positive experience, free of stress and anxiety. As your trusted restorative, general, and cosmetic dentist in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Emily Ann Reece is known for providing comprehensive and compassionate care to patients of all ages. If you have any questions about your upcoming dental appointment, please feel free to call us. We’ve taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions below. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please do so online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How often should I schedule dental appointments?

Our office recommends scheduling regular oral health and wellness visits at least once every six months. This allows our dental professionals the opportunity to monitor your dental health and catch any minor issues before they develop into major dental concerns.

What should I expect during my first dental appointment?

During your initial dental appointment, we will ask you about your dental history and any underlying health concerns that we should be aware of. Our friendly staff will evaluate your smile and clean your dental structures of any plaque or tartar buildup. Then, Dr. Reece will come in and check your smile for any issues. If she notices an issue, she will recommend a treatment plan that is designed specifically for your needs. During this time, you are free to ask her about any elective cosmetic procedures or about how you can better care for your dental health at home. Just as we are getting to know you during this appointment, we understand you are also getting to know us. Rest assured we will take the time to address any of your questions or concerns.

I am nervous about my dental appointment. What can be done?

Dental anxiety is a common concern that prevents many patients from scheduling their first appointment at a new practice. We promise that we will do everything we can to keep you calm and comfortable during your scheduled appointment. If you are especially nervous, we recommend calling ahead and asking our team any questions you might have about your appointment so that you can feel fully prepared before you sit down in the dental chair. Additionally, feel free to bring some music to listen to during your appointment to distract from any noises from our equipment. You might also consider bringing along a trusted friend to help you feel more comfortable before and after the appointment.