Restorative Dentistry Cary, NC

Raleigh, NC dentist Dr. Emily Ann Reece provides restorative dental care to patients at Reedy Creek Family and Cosmetic dentistry. By addressing tooth damage and tooth loss, she helps patients restore the natural form and function of their smile.

Many patients who undergo restorative care feel more confident in their appearance and have improved dental health. Restorative dental care is one of the dental services that Dr. Reece provides to her patients. Learn about the restorative care that Dr. Reece provides to her patients below.

Restorative Dental Care Cary, NC

Restorative Dental Treatments

Dental Bridge

Patients with multiple missing teeth are good candidates for dental bridges. This restorative treatment option is secured to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. Although some dental bridges can be removable, implant-secured dental bridges are a more stable option that lasts longer. Removable bridges lay on top of teeth and do not support the tooth structure.

Dental Crown

Dental crowns act as caps that cover and protect weak or broken teeth. Crowns cover damaged misshapen, or discolored teeth. They can also hold dental bridges in place or cover dental implants. Our dental crowns are made of porcelain ceramic that blends in with natural teeth. Dental crowns are custom-fit to each patient for personalized and comfortable treatment.

Dental Implants

Patients can replace the gaps in their smile with dental implants. Dental implants consist of a titanium post, abutment, and dental crown. To replace one or more missing teeth, Dr. Reece will insert the titanium post which will then fuse to bone tissue over a healing period of three to six months.

Then, she attaches the abutment and custom dental crown to the post. Dental implants improve the form and function of a patient’s bite and also provides them with a more balanced smile.

Dentures and Partials

Are you missing multiple teeth or whole arches of teeth? Restore your smile with full or partial dentures. Dentures are a restorative treatment that provides a secure and stable bite for patients with multiple missing teeth. When secured with implants, dentures prevent shifting and overcrowded teeth. Implant-secured dentures also do not require messy adhesives.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease affects millions of Americans each year. There are multiple signs of periodontitis or gum disease, to look out for, including swollen, bleeding, and receding gums, loose teeth, bad breath, toothaches, or mouth sores.

Our office provides periodontal disease treatment for patients suffering from periodontitis. After a consultation with Dr. Reece, she will help you find the best gum disease treatment for you, whether it is in our office or at a specialist’s office.

TMJ Treatment

If you suffer from frequent jaw or facial pain, you may have a temporomandibular joint disorder. Dr. Reece provides TMJ treatment to her patients that need it. TMJ disorders may cause symptoms such as jaw pain, teeth grinding, or teeth clenching.

However, night-time oral appliances can be worn to prevent further damage to worn teeth. These appliances also alleviate jaw pain and pressure.

Restore Your Smile Today

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