How Does Botox Help My Smile?

You may have heard of Botox as a treatment that addresses skin appearance. The medicine acts as a temporary paralytic to relax muscles so that you can see a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. While useful as an aesthetic tool, dentists will also employ this treatment for their patients.

Dentists’ expertise expands beyond the health of your teeth to a thorough understanding of the facial muscles in relation to your oral health. So they are highly trained to employ Botox in their dentistry services when needed.

You can feel more confident in pursuing this option with your dentist when you know more about the benefits it can bring to your smile. Read on to learn more about the dental solutions that Botox treatment can provide for patients.

How Does Botox Help My Smile

Relieve Jaw Problems with Botox

Have you noticed that your jaw feels sore or the muscles in the jaw seem tight and harder to move? These symptoms point to temporomandibular joint disorders, also known as TMJ.

TMJ develops when strain on the jaw joint creates inflammation, leading to jaw dysfunction and discomfort. Many people will TMJ also experience headaches and earaches due to radiating pain from the jaw. This can feel highly disruptive when you try to go about your day.

TMJ will not go away on its own. However, your dentist will work with you to pinpoint the underlying cause of the problem and relieve the symptoms. One way that dentists can treat TMJ is with Botox.

This medicine will target specific tense muscles in the jaw and relax them, relieving strain that causes TMJ. Botox benefits will last for about three or four months. You can learn if Botox will help in your unique case of TMJ when you schedule a dental consultation. Give your Cary, NC dentist a call about this appointment at 919.646.6294.

Botox Enhances Smile Aesthetics

As mentioned, Botox is known for its cosmetic advantages for your skin. It will help smooth out the skin, therefore making you look younger, by eliminating wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming.

But Botox can have additional aesthetic benefits for your smile. Not only will Botox reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth or eyes, but it will also enhance the look of your smile.

If you have a smile that reveals too much of your gums, for instance, you might feel self-conscious about the way they distract from your beautiful teeth. A Botox injection in the upper lip will relax the muscles there. Then it will not lift as much when you smile, and you will have a less gummy smile. Botox in the lips can also make them appear more voluminous.

Discuss your aesthetic goals with your dentist because you may be surprised to learn the variety of ways that Botox can help you accomplish them. Results from this treatment will not be permanent. But you can experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem with this cosmetic dental solution.