Comparing Cosmetic Bonding and Veneers

Do you feel unhappy with the way your teeth appear? Whether you wish for a brighter tooth color or a straighter smile, your dentist can help you achieve your smile aesthetic goals. They can offer cosmetic dental solutions that will suit your personalized needs according to your unique smile.

Two of these options include teeth bonding treatment and porcelain veneers. Though their purposes in smile enhancement are similar, they use very different methods to accomplish them. Read on to learn more about these two cosmetic dental procedures and the advantages each can bring you.

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Sculpt an Enhanced Smile with Teeth Bonding

Teeth bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses tooth-colored resin applied to the teeth and shaped according to your aesthetic goals. The malleable material allows the dentist to achieve your desired tooth shape and finish with minute details.

They begin the procedure by etching into the enamel of the affected teeth to prepare the surface and make the resin better able to adhere to the teeth. Then they place the resin and mold it as needed. They cure the resin so that it hardens into place, and then a final polish finishes the process.

You can complete this procedure with one session from your dentist, and the results can last for three to ten years with proper care and maintenance. If needed, you can get a touch-up from your dentist. Bonding can stain if you are not careful, so follow your dentist’s aftercare guidelines for optimal results.

Dental bonding can give a brighter and more even color to your smile, and it can fill gaps and reshape your teeth too. It makes for an affordable yet effective way to improve the appearance of your smile.

Porcelain Veneers Build a Beautiful Smile

Another way you can enhance the look of your teeth is with porcelain veneers. These custom-made shells attach to the front of the teeth to construct a gorgeous smile according to your specific desires.

You will need more than one visit to your dentist’s office for this treatment. After an initial consult, the dentist will prepare your teeth with an etching similar to the bonding treatment. You will receive temporary veneers while the dentist makes your personalized dental fixtures in their lab.

After a few weeks, when the veneers are ready, you will return to the dentist to receive the permanent veneers, which secure into place with bonding material. Once attached, the veneers can last for fifteen years or longer with appropriate aftercare. They resist staining and decay, but you should still take practice good oral hygiene and habits.

Poor oral habits may lead to cavities and other dental issues that may harm your smile and impact the fit of your porcelain veneers. If veneers become loose or broken, the underlying teeth could be vulnerable to dental damage. So contact your dentist promptly if this problem occurs.

Veneers offer long-lasting smile enhancement, including straightening and whitening your teeth. This treatment may cost more but it will also provide improved benefits. Consult with your dentist to learn if this will suit your needs.