Boost Oral Health When You Drink Water

Water makes up about 60% of the human body. So we learn from a young age that drinking water is crucial to keeping yourself healthy. This proves true for the health of your teeth and gums as well.

Dentists and other medical professionals agree that you should drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day to maintain adequate hydration levels. Dr. Emily Reece, a dentist serving patients in Cary, NC, lists three oral health advantages you can notice when you stay hydrated.

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Stay Hydrated to Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Rinse Residues from Your Smile

Plaque develops from the natural bacteria in our mouths, forming a film over our teeth. It can eat away at the tooth enamel, leaving our smiles vulnerable to cavities and other dental damage if it is not removed promptly.

We practice oral hygiene to get rid of plaque in a timely manner. But we consume substances between these teeth brushing regimens that can lead to plaque formation.

Drinking a glass of water can rinse lingering food particles and residues from your smile, giving your oral hygiene a boost. It can also reduce your chances of forming bad breath.

Fight Dry Mouth

Low levels of hydration may decrease the amount of saliva that you produce. This can lead to a condition called dry mouth. This sensation may feel unpleasant, but it could also put your oral health at risk.

When your mouth is dry, bacteria can spread more easily across your teeth to your gums. There, it can infect the gum tissue and cause periodontal disease. This usually presents with puffy, red, and sore gums. But if it progresses, it can lead to irreversible dental damage like tooth loss.

Your dentist can get rid of the infection, but it will take restorative dental treatment to amend this kind of structural damage. Dental professionals suggest preventative measures to protect your teeth and gums. Therefore, you should make sure you drink plenty of water to lower your risk of contracting this infection.

Enjoy Wellness Benefits

Compared to other common beverages like soft drinks, water is one of the healthiest options. It has no calories and contains no added sugar. This is important because sugar notoriously causes harmful effects on your smile. Sugar reacts to the bacteria in your mouth to become acidic, wearing away at enamel and heightening your risk of forming cavities.

Water also may contain fluoride, a substance that absorbs tooth enamel and fortifies it against external threats. You may reduce the likelihood of getting cavities and preserve the appearance of your smile when you drink water over other beverages.

Find More Oral Health Tips from Your Dentist in Cary, NC

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