Tips for Oral Hygiene While Traveling

Many people are itching to travel this year, and you likely have a lot of planning for your upcoming trip. You should not forget to consider your oral hygiene routine before you leave. Plaque and tartar will not be taking a holiday when you do.

Though your travel schedule may be busy, you can still take care of your smile. Dr. Emily Ann Reece, a dentist located in Cary, NC, outlines three ways you can keep your mouth clean during your vacation.

oral hygiene while traveling in Cary North Carolina

3 Ways to Keep Teeth Clean on Your Vacation

Keep Hygienic Supplies on Hand

Your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are likely on your packing list as you plan your vacation. However, there may be points during your trip where you do not have easy access to your luggage. You may have your suitcase stowed on a long flight or be away from your hotel room for extended periods of time.

In this case, it may be useful to have oral hygiene supplies on your person. For instance, floss tucked into your pocket or your purse could help you keep your smile clean on the go.

Choose Healthy Snacks

You might have memorable meals planned at restaurants for your vacation, but you may also end up snacking at some point on your trip. These snack breaks can play a role in your oral health too, so you should choose foods wisely.

Sugary or acidic snacks could contribute to enamel erosion and, in the long run, leave your teeth vulnerable to major dental issues like tooth decay. Fibrous and hard-textured foods, however, like celery, could boost your oral hygiene by cleaning your teeth of plaque build-up as you eat.

Drink Plenty of Water

If you plan to pack your day with sightseeing and other fun activities, you may forget to drink as much water as you need to stay healthy. This could be detrimental to your oral health because dehydration may lead to dry mouth.

This condition is uncomfortable but could also raise your risk of oral infections, including gum disease. You should still drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water to keep your smile feeling and looking its best on your vacation.

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