A Letter From Sebastian & Spaulding, DDS, PA

Introducing Dr. Emily Reece

To Our Entire Dental Family,

Thirty-six years ago, we began our dental journey at UNC’s School of Dentistry. For more than three decades, we have witnessed the growth of you and your families along with having the privilege of providing care for your dental health needs. It is extremely satisfying to us to have been a part of your lives throughout our careers. We are truly grateful for such an opportunity and even more so for your friendship.

The time has come to find some new help and begin the transition into the next phase of our lives. We took the task of finding our replacement very seriously. This individual must be someone who we felt would continue providing excellent dental care to you and your families. We are excited to announce that after a diligent search, we have selected Dr. Emily Ann Reece to become our successor. We have complete confidence in her abilities, both personally and professionally. Dr. Reece is also a graduate of UNC. She attended ECU’s School of Dentistry and has most recently worked at the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville. Overall, Dr. Reece has exceptional credentials and will bring knowledge of additional services including dental implants and Invisalign. She will be joining us within the next few months and she is eagerly looking forward to meeting each of you. She will be supported by us and the entire staff during the transition, so you won’t notice a whole lot of change in our operations.

Again, we would like to express our most sincere appreciation for the many years of patronage and support. We wish you and your family continued health and happiness. We all look forward to seeing you at your next visit and can’t wait to introduce you to Dr. Reece.

Sebastian & Spaulding, DDS, PA