Why Choose Family Dentistry?

A family dental practice treats patients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric care. This specialty is ideal for young patients seeking preventative care for baby teeth, but it can be a boon for adult patients too. Dr. Emily Ann Reece, a dentist in Cary, NC, describes the benefits you can enjoy from family dentistry, no matter your age.family dentist cary nc

Prioritizing patient comfort

Children can be nervous during dentist appointments, especially if it is their first visit. Family dental practices train staff to ensure kids are comfortable throughout their entire appointment. Early ease during a dentist visit can lower the risk of dental fear later in life.

Adult patients can benefit from this prioritization of patient comfort because we want all our patients to avoid tension while they receive dental work. Family dentists will be open about your treatment throughout the entire process to ensure you are knowledgeable and comfortable with every procedure.

Providing preventative care

A family dentist is a perfect place to bring your child to take care of their baby teeth. Though children lose baby teeth, it is important to keep them healthy so that permanent teeth grow strong and healthy. Family dentists excel in preventative care for adults too. They ensure your teeth are cleaned thoroughly and perform regular exams to make sure your oral health is at its best. They can monitor potential problems before they happen. For instance, x-ray imaging can ensure wisdom teeth are not damaging your other teeth before they grow into place. Dentists recommend receiving preventative care and cleanings every six months.

Preparing for anything

Children can be rambunctious, and despite the safety advice of a guardian, accidents can happen. This is why family dentists are prepared to help patients with all kinds of dental problems. If your child has an emergency, we have trained staff and appropriate equipment to treat them effectively. We can offer the same quality of care for patients of any age. We are also qualified to treat geriatric patients and their unique dental concerns. You can be in safe hands with your dental care at a family dental practice.